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Latest Publications

Bosdas I., Mansour M., Kalfas A., Abhari R., Senoo S.,

Unsteady Steam Flow Field Measurements in the Last Stage of Low Pressure Steam Turbine GT 2015-43504, 2015, ASME Turbo Expo 2015, Montreal, Canada
Creation date/time: 13-02-2015 12:29

Dimitrova E., Vinklers J., Chokani N., Abhari R.S.

Integrated Biomass Assessment and Optimized Power Generation”, 2015, Energy Technology, Vol. 3.
Creation date/time: 30-01-2015 11:25


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From transportation to electricity production to energy consumption, our society is powered by the use of complex conversion devices. We are devoted to advancing the frontiers of science and engineering in order to improve the efficient use of natural resources, while minimizing environmental impact of these systems, as well as developing renewable energy sources.



In the Spotlight

Watch our latest wind energy research movie.
The movie presents our current renewable energy research activities including: econometric modelling linking science technology to economics; advanced wind simulation for complex terrain; field experiments on full-scale wind turbines; and controlled experiments on dynamically-scaled wind turbines. > Watch movie


Watch our latest Plasma Science research movie.
The Applied Laser Plasma Science research program, focuses on the engineering of an EUV lithography source collector module, and its operation for space- & time-resolved parametric optimization. > Watch movie

News Highlights

LEC 2013/14 focus project team collaborate with  local Swiss NGO (CEAS) to take bamboo wind turbine to Madagascar. Read More

LEC was awarded a Best Poster Award at EWEA Offshore 2015, the world's largest offshore wind energy conference and exhibition, the Best Poster Award in the Turbine Technology section was presented to the poster “Economical and Operational Merits of Offshore Multi-Megawatt Downwind Turbines.” This poster was authored C Kress, N Chokani, R S Abhari of LEC, together with T Hashimoto, M Watanabe, T Sano, M Saeki of Hitachi Ltd. LEC congratulates its colleagues on this achievement. Read More

LEC received a Best Poster Award for the poster “LPP Light Source for Metrology and Inspection Applications” at International Workshop for EUV and Soft X-ray Sources, Dublin, Ireland. Read More

LEC Plasma Science Group featured in published article for MICROmanufacturing magazine. Read article here.

Prof. Reza S. Abhari receives the "2014 R. Tom Sawyer Award" for significant contributions to the gas turbine industry in both the U.S. and Europe, and for exemplary service to the IGTI (Internationl Gas Turbine Institute) Read More.

At the 2014 ASME Turbo Expo to be held June 16-20, 2014 in Dusseldorf, Germany, the Best Paper Award of the Wind Energy Committee will be presented to the paper “Simulation of Wake Interactions in Wind Farms Using an Immersed Wind Turbine Model.” Read More

Since August 2013, LEC is has been applying its integrated energy assessment tool, EnerPol, to support the regional government of Lubelskie, Poland to develop policies and strategies to increase the penetration of renewables in their energy mix. Read More

LEC participates in the 2014 SPIE Advanced Lithography Conference with contributions that discuss LEC’s recent advancements in the development of a stable, reliable laser-produced-plasma light source.

Prof Reza Abhari explains the coming role of traditional and renewable Energy Systems Infrastructure of a country at InnoAsia 2013 >Watch the movie

Prof. Reza S. Abhari
has been selected to receive the "2014 R. Tom Sawyer Award" for significant contributions to the gas turbine industry in both the U.S. and Europe, and for exemplary service to the IGTI (Internationl Gas Turbine Institute).

LEC attends 2013 International Workshop on EUV and Soft X-Ray Sources, with two members presenting papers on 'Droplet-based LPP light source for HVM inspection applications' and 'Three-dimensional EUV emission and effect of misalignment in laser-droplet interaction'.

The 2013 International Symposium on Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography was held 6 - 10 October, 2013 in Toyama, Japan. LEC presented recent accomplishments in the development of a LPP Light Source.

Recent accomplishments from LEC’s ALPS group has been reported in EurekAlert.

LEC shall present papers at the bi-annual International Conference on Airbreathing Engines to be held in Busan, Korea, September 9 - 13. LEC’s papers report on recent experiments in LEC’s axial turbine facility LISA that demonstrate improved aerodynamic efficiency of turbines.

LEC presents new ALPS II facility at the 2013 International Workshop on EUV Lithography in Maui, Hawaii.

The 2013 ASME Turbo Expo was held June 3-7, 2013 in San Antonio, Texas, USA. LEC members presented papers related to performance improvements of centrifugal compressors, computational fluid dynamics of wind turbines and wind farms, optimisation of pumped hydro storage and wind farms, and measurements of multi-megawatt wind turbines.

The new LEC intelligent generator, SMiG is featured in the latest edition of 'Globe, No. 4/December 2012'. Download the full pdf (7.0 MB) here.

The Smart Micro-Grid System, which is designed to meet the electricity needs of people in developing countries, is featured in the October 10, 2012 issue of ETH Life. This mobile hybrid micro-grid was developed in the context of Master thesis projects in LEC.

The 2012 ASME Turbo Expo will be held June 11-15, 2012 in Copenhagen, Denmark. At the Expo, LEC members will present a broad range of papers related to gas, steam and wind turbines.

At the 2012 ASME Turbo Expo to be held to be held June 11-15, 2012 in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Best Paper Award of the Steam Turbine Committee will be presented to the paper “Design Considerations for Axial Steam Turbine Rotor Inlet Cavity Volume and Length Scale.” This paper was presented at the 2011 Turbo Expo in Vancouver, Canada. K. Barmpalias, A. I. Kalfas, and R. S. Abhari of LEC, together with T. Hirano, T. Sasaki and N. Shibukawa from Toshiba, authored the paper. The ASME Turbo Expo is long recognized as the world's leading conference on all aspects of steam and gas turbine technology, and therefore LEC congratulates its colleagues on this achievement.

Three members of the Laboratory presented a paper at the EWEA 2012 Conference in Copenhagen, "Detailed Measurements in the Wake of a 2 MW Wind Turbine".

Members of the LEC Plasma science team presents cutting edge research at the 2012 SPIE Advanced Lithography conference at San Jose, California.

LEC recently attended the 50th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting in Nashville, USA. One of our wind energy research members presented a paper on  'Wake Structure of a 2MW Wind Turbine Measured Using an Instrumented UAV'.

LEC was awarded a Best Poster Award at EWEA OFFSHORE 2011, the world’s largest offshore wind energy event, which was organised by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA). The poster authored by Kress C., Barber S., Chokani N. and Abhari R.S. and entitled “Improved Modelling of Wakes: Experimental Study and Experimentally Anchored Model,” was presented in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Read Abstract

Members of LEC have recently presented papers at the 10th International Gas Turbine Congress held in Osaka (IGTC 2011). Prof. Abhari participated in a panel discussion on CO2 reduction in power plants together with Japanese panelists from power system companies. Read more.

LEC was awarded a Best Poster Award at the 7th PhD Seminar on Wind Energy in Europe organised by the European Academy of Wind Energy (EAWE) and held 27th and 28th October 2011 at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. The poster “Instrumented UAV for Full-Scale Wind Turbine Measurements” was authored by G. Kocer, N. Chokani and R. Abhari.

Three members of the Laboratory have recently returned from Miami after presenting papers at the 2011 International Symposia on Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography and Lithography Extensions.

On the 27th and 28th October 2011 LEC will be attended the 7th PhD Seminar on Wind Energy in Europe held in Delf, Netherland. Three LEC members will be presenting their work on wind turbine aerodynamics and micrositing.

Lec recently attended the ASME 2011 Turbo Expo in Vancouver. Seven LEC members presented papers on Wind, Energy and Turbomachinery design.

LEC awarded Best Poster Award at Europe’s premier wind energy event organised by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA). The poster was presented in Brussels and authored by Barber S., Chokani N. and Abhari R.S.  Read MoreDownload poster

LEC's Master's student Eugeni Kochman participated in the Young Future Energy Leaders program hosted by Masdar Institute of Science and Technology as part of the World Future Energy Summit 2011 in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Read more

As part of the SF TV Einstein program the LEC has been featured demonstrating the latest wind energy research projects. To view the episode click here.


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