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We encourage scientific curiosity in our graduate students and staff given our belief that it is the prime driver of technological innovation. Activities of LEC are focused on advancing the frontiers of energy conversion systems with application to the needs of the society. From the basic phenomena to a view of the system, members of LEC explore in an array of multi-disciplinary research programs.

We are always looking to develop novel applications where our extensive experimental and computational capabilities in fluid dynamics, thermal management, mechatronics, sensors and actuators, design, and system analysis can be used to tackle interesting applications and solve problems.

The activities of the Laboratory for Energy Conversion (LEC) span a broad range of multi-disciplinary fields, including turbomachinery (power generation and mobility), instrumentation (sensors and actuators, mechatronics, and controls), plasma science (extreme ultraviolet light source for lithography and metrology), wind energy (measurements on full-scale and dynamically-scaled wind turbines, computational modelling, and social acceptance), and energy economics and policy (modelling of power generation technologies, analysis of power transmission networks and electricity markets, management  of energy portfolios, and assessment of policy and design of policy options).


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