Turbomachinery Design

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The course deals with the following topics

  • Introduction and history, dimensional analysis, non-dimensional theory
  • Velocity triangles, diffusion factor, flow characteristics, degree of reaction
  • Two-dimensional stage design, blade families, boundary layer theory, blade loading
  • Real turbine and compressor characteristics, radial equilibrium, loss mechanisms, secondary flows
  • Turbine aerodynamics and design, profile design, unsteady flows
  • Axial flow compressor design, empirical rules, transonic fan design
  • Flow instabilities, stall and surge, rotating stall, stability improvement, flutter, noise reduction
  • Radial flow turbomachines, centrifugal pumps and compressors, thermodynamics of radial flow machines, radial flow turbines, design concepts
  • Turbine cooling, internal cooling, film cooling, cooling losses
  • Turbomachinery in renewable energy, wind turbines, wave power
  • CFD in turbomachinery
  • Case studies
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