Student Projects: Fall 2017

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At the discretion of the project supervisor, it may be possible to change the scope of a Semester project to that of a Bachelor thesis, and vice versa.

Please note: All projects with the comment "TAKEN:" are not available anymore; currently all projects are available.

Master Thesis

High momentum debris mitigation gas flows in an EUV light source > Download Description (DOC, 5.5 MB)
Supervisor: Markus Brandstätter

European Forests – The Carbon Sink We Need To Understand and Utilize Better   > Download Description (DOCX, 594 KB)
Supervisor: Elena Dimitrova

Modeling the Impact of Trends in Policy, Society and Economy on Power Prices > Download Description (DOCX, 587 KB)
Supervisor: Patrick Eser

GPU-Accelerated Agent-based Daily Activity Model for Swiss Population > Download Description (DOCX, 100 KB)
Supervisor: Marcello Marini

Development of a metallic droplet jet charging and trajectory control system > Download Description (PDF, 105 KB)
Supervisor: Marco Weber


Semester Project

Improving migratory bird models to accelerate development of renewables   > Download Description (DOCX, 511 KB)
Supervisor: Annika Aurbach

Mitigation of Unsteady Loads on a Floating Offshore Wind Turbine using Independent Pitch Control (IPC)  > Download Description (DOCX, 1.1 MB)
Supervisor: Dylan Barratt

Plasma Debris Characterization with an Optical Extinction Probe  > Download Description
Supervisor: Markus Brandstätter

Development of a population model for South Africa to assess future energy needs  > Download Description (DOCX, 382 KB)
Supervisor: Christiaan Joubert

Assessing Transformation of the German Power System with Aid of a Population Model  > Download Description (DOCX, 229 KB)
Supervisor: Marco Pagani

Using real-time data for large-scale simulations  > Download Description (DOCX, 449 KB)
Supervisor: Saprykin Aleksandr

Invisible becomes visible: Development of a data-driven user-interface to generate high quality urban scenarios and their impact on the surrounding space.
> Download Description (DOCX, 859 KB)
Supervisor: Michael Walczak

EUV diode calibration   > Download Description (PDF, 117 KB)
Supervisor: Marcus Weber


Bachelor Thesis

Where Does Energy Efficiency Matter Most? – the French Test Case   > Download Description (DOC, 66 KB)
Supervisor: Janis Vinklers

Analysis of structural frequencies influencing the operational stability of ALPS 2   > Download Description (PDF, 98 KB)
Supervisor: Marco Weber

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