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In teaching, current understanding of technical subjects in power and energy conversion is offered in a series of courses, excursions, and a broad selection of semester and diploma projects. These courses provide a balanced approach to covering the fundamental knowledge important to energy systems, as well as the practical application.

Courses: Spring 2017

Number Unit Lecturer
151-0204-00L Aerospace Propulsion  R. S. Abhari,
N. Chokani
151-0206-00L Energy Systems and Power Engineering  R. S. Abhari,
A. Steinfeld
151-0214-00L Turbomachinery Mechanics and Dynamics  A. Zemp,
R. S. Abhari
151-0906-00L Frontiers in Energy Research  M. Mazzotti,
R. S. Abhari,
J. Carmeliet,
M. Filippini
151-1053-00L Thermo- and Fluid Dynamics  P. Jenny,
R. S. Abhari,
C. Müller,
H. G. Park,
H.-M. Prasser,
T. Rösgen,
A. Steinfeld
860-0005-01L Colloquium Science, Technology, and Policy (FS)  T. Bernauer,
R. S. Abhari
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